Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mt Sanitas

My buddy Kevin is visiting for the weekend, actually three weeks in a row. He has been working in Utah(from Atlanta), his plane got stuck at DIA last Sunday during the storm so he hopped on the bus and stayed the night. Next weekend he's coming out with Jared for Dead Guy Days.

We did Mt. Sanitas this morning. Pretty hard hike, super close to us, less than 2 miles away.

yaktrax were a big help, pretty slushy in spots, esp on the way down

hiker Steph

poor Kevin just had running shoes

at the top


Weather is awesome today, upper 50's / sunny

the gang

my "Jessie" pose

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  1. Awesome pics lately! My faves are the "Jessie poses" - that cracks me up! And I'm jealous that you're in shorts and tank tops...we are waiting to crack 32 here in MI...