Monday, January 21, 2013

First Homebrew

 My fancy new kettle. We did a 5 gallon Irish Red kit
Steph got me brewing books for Christmas :)

You  bring the water to 170F with the grain bag. I quickly discovered we have the capability to do two batches at once. No hurry but nice to know!
 Steph stirring
 Squeezing all the good stuff from the grain bag.
 You remove from heat, stir in the malt extract then bring to a boil with the 1st hops.
 Smelled good!
 2nd hop addition at 30 mins.
 Ice bath! I bought ice, it melted in 2 minutes so I grabbed a shovel and packed snow from the gas station into a bucket. You bring the beer down to 78 or less before you add the yeast.
 Transferring to the sanitized primary fermenter. Bottling will be in 2-3weeks, finished product in 5-6 weeks.
All done. Many batches planned already!

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  1. "Sanitized primary ferment or"......nice name for a bucket! Hahaha